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The London
School of Rocket®  

Rocket®  Ashtanga Vinyasa is a style developed by Larry Schultz, a student of patthabi Jois. Rocket Ashtanga Vinyasa makes poses from the advanced Ashtanga series accessible for all practitioners. It is a fun and challenging flow with focus on handstands and arm-balances.

We have inspiring teachers and trainings all over the world, wherever there is Rocket Yoga, there is a welcoming Rocket Community!

The London School of Rocket® is London's Satelite branch - Led by Leon London and under the Rocket International School and assisted by Maayan Shenhar. 

Leon London is a senior Rocket Vinyasa teacher;

he teaches  trainings, workshops and retreats in London and around the world, sharing his knowledge of the practice and years of experience with physical culture in a fun and engaging way.  

     Rocket Trainings & Retreats


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Our Graduates

Our Graduates

Alice Ridley

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Lives in and Teaches Rocket in London

Having practiced yoga for a number of years, Alice did her 200hr yoga teacher training in 2019 and has since undertaken more than 500 hours additional training in various yoga styles, including 150 hours in Rocket, 50 of those with Maayan and Leon. Alice combines her dance training with a focus on alignment and inclusivity which allows people of all abilities and experience to enjoy her classes. Alice teaches in studios in London and is available for private and corporate lessons.

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Davide Felicella

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Lives in and Teaches Rocket in London

Keeping the body active has been fundamental for Davide since he was 12 years old and he started break-dancing for the first time. The life changing effect of the stamina that it gave to his physical body developed into a visceral understanding of the importance of the physical=psychological/mental health connection. At that early stage of his life, he became aware of the role that the connection between body, mind and spirit plays for the well being of the individual.


Following a knee injury in 2015, he decided to expand his interests and dedicated himself to the study of Yoga, manual therapies, physical movement, anatomy and physiology. Since then he has experimented with a variety of disciplines, sports and styles in the realm of physical movement.


His current yoga practice is based on the Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa (aka Rocket System) and Yin Yoga. Both practices are essential to him as he appreciates the value of the dynamic and non-dogmatic approach of Rocket yoga and the importance of alternating this fast practice with a slow and rejuvenating Yin yoga session.

I am based in South London, and teach both online and studio classes. 


Rowena Turrell

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After finding my love of Rocket following a class with Leon London it almost felt natural to join him on his 100 hours teacher training at Indaba Yoga, London.  There is an energy that Rocket brings which is unlike anything I have felt.  It brings the balance I need from my Hatha and BWY trainings.

With Leon’s expert guidance I teach to my level making Rocket available to all so the pure job of Rocket can be enjoyed by others…

Find me at Monday 12.30pm GMT

The Journey Never Ends…


Geri Beaugrand

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Geri is originally from France and is based In London.

Since a young age she always been attracted by spirituality and when she found yoga, it opened to her another way of thinking about life.

She trained in Rocket vinyasa yoga with David Kyle and Leon London.

Her classes are dynamic, with variations and modification for everyone to find their flow.


Yahel Gideon

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I started practicing yoga due to lower back pain that I couldn’t get rid of, then I discovered Maayan’s studio in Jerusalem and fell in love with the Rocket energy :)


After a year of practicing at Sira studio I completed my 200 hours of TT with Maayan and my 100 hours of Rocket with Leon London & Maayan Shenhar.

Today I’m teaching in different studios around Israel :)

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Jono Golding 

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Lives in and Teaches Rocket in London

I’m Jono a Barbadian born yoga teacher.

My classes are a dynamic flow guided by your breath aimed to improve your strength & flexibility while providing a safe space to unwind and challenge yourself. Expect lots of fun and maybe a few drills :) Leave the class feeling empowered and on top of the world !


Allie Williams

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Lives in and Teaches Rocket in London

" I have always been drawn to high intensity and competitive sports. Although tight muscles from years of high intensity training meant that I was by no means a natural yogi, I soon realised that a regular yoga practice helped me to improve my endurance and fitness. In 2015, I discovered Rocket Yoga, which allowed me to deepen my practice beyond just the physical. I began practicing Dharma Yoga in 2016, and spent several years exploring yoga as an exercise in mindfulness and meditation before deciding to complete my first yoga teacher training. Yoga has taught me to take my time, to breathe, and to build my base. It has challenged me to be patient and to trust, and to look beyond the obvious.

I am based in South London, and teach both online and studio classes. I am available for private classes, events and corporate bookings."